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Surgery What to Expect Dog

What to Expect with Surgery

Our goal is to restore the quality of life to your pet using cutting-edge surgical techniques in an affordable and convenient manner.


Your primary veterinarian has diagnosed a condition for which surgery is indicated. We will be available to you for any questions particularly at the time of admission and discharge. 

Prior to surgery

You should already have received an estimate for the surgery and for any other tests that have been recommended such as:

Blood tests a pre-anaesthetic blood test is strongly advised within 2-4 weeks of surgery, or can be done on the day of surgery
Radiographs pre-surgical and post-surgical radiographs will be performed for some cases
Pathology in the case of lump removals, tissue samples may be sent to an external lab for histopathology to help identify the lump – charges will apply

A bath with medicated or regular shampoo is recommended 1-2 days prior to orthopaedic procedures. After surgery, your pet should not be bathed for 10-14 days after surgery. This will help reduce the possibility of infection.

Night before surgery

  • Your pet should not have food for 12 hours prior to surgery – water may be provided until drop off – please remove food and snacks from your pet after 8 p.m.  the night before.
  • If you normally give night-time medications, continue as normal, unless directed otherwise by our staff.

Day of surgery

  • Please bring a detailed list of all medications or supplements with you the day of surgery.  If your pet requires any medications during their stay, please bring them with you.  This applies to special food diets as well.
  • If your pet is on steroids, or aspirin, please let us know immediately. These medications limit our choices for postoperative pain relief and can increase the risk of bleeding disorders and/or infection. Generally, we need your pet off these medications for at least 5-7 days before any surgical procedure.  We can help devise a plan to achieve this goal.  Your veterinary surgeon will discuss with you what will be in your pet’s best interest.
  • You will be required to sign a surgical consent form when you drop your pet off at our practice.
  • We will go through the estimate with you at admission. 

Post surgery

  • You will receive a phone call or email communication to update you on the findings and expected outcomes of the surgery.
  • Your pet will have some hair removed on his/her arm where the anaesthetic injection is given as well as hair removed at the site of surgery. This is essential to prevent infection.
  • Your pet will remain under the care of your veterinarian
  • We will contact you when your pet is ready to be picked up - occasionally your pet will be required to stay in the hospital overnight for treatment and further observation - charges will apply
  • We will provide “discharge instructions” pertaining to the home care for your pet – these can be shared digitally for your convenience
  • Recheck consultations will be scheduled as indicated. Wound checks and suture removals are part of the procedure and incur no charge, otherwise charges will apply where appropriate

You are welcome to contact us at any point with questions, we will endeavour to make the whole process as smooth and stress free as possible.