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Parasite Schedule Puppies Dog

Suggested parasite schedule

Parasites: Schedule: Product:
Fleas/ticks/mites Monthly Simparica
Intestinal worming Up to 4 mo: fortnightly Drontal or Fenpral covers intestinal worms
Milbemax covers HW and intestinal worms
So give milbemax monthly and drontal/fenpral 2 weeks afterwards
  4-6 mo: monthly Milbemax OR drontal/fenpral can be used
  After 6 mo: 3monthly Drontal or fenpral
Heartworm Monthly Milbemax (while young)
Or by injection Proheart SR 12


For the heartworm injection there is a choice of 2 schedules:

  1. Give HW injection at desexing then repeat at 1 year vaccination then yearly
  2. Give HW injection at 12 weeks, then at desexing then repeat at 1 year vaccination then yearly

If HW injection given at 12 weeks: give drontal or fenpral for intestinal worming from then on as per intestinal worming schedule (fortnightly until 4mo, then monthly until 6 mo, then 3monthly ongoing).

If HW injection given at desexing: give milbemax monthly until then (covers HW and worms) and up to 4 months old, give drontal /fenpral 2 weeks later. Between 4 months and desexing: milbemax only. From 6 months onwards: give drontal/fenpral 3monthly.

Desexing is advised before 6 months old, around 5 - 5.5 months of age.

Vaccinations are advised at 8 wks, 12 wks and 16 wks then yearly boosters.